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Barboy Blue roll container in blue from Verpan. Design by Verner Panton.


Cloverleaf Sofa
Indoor and Outdoor

This Cloverleaf Outdoor Sofa by the Danish designer Verner Panton and manufacturer Verpan consists of three modules, the units. In the style of a modular couch for terrace, winter garden or grass, the Verner Panton furniture specialist TAGWERC supplies the Cloverleaf Outdoor Sofa ready-to-fit to your home. The middle part and both sides of the Cloverleaf Outdoor Sofa can be easily and quickly plugged together according to the principle of tongue and groove joint, thus forming a robust couch that withstands wind and weather. For even greater stability, the individual elements can be filled with sand.

Looking for a mobile and versatile outdoor sofa, which also looks attractive in interior ambiance, the Cloverleaf Outdoor Sofa offers the right solution. With a length of just over 3,70 meters and a width of almost 1,60 meters, the Cloverleaf Outdoor Sofa also fits in a limited space on terraces and winter gardens. The height of the backrest is 80 centimeters, while the seat height is 40 centimeters. The Cloverleaf outdoor sofa offered here consists of three units and odders five seats. In the Verner Panton Universe of TAGWERC you get the Cloverleaf Outdoor Sofa 3 Units in all available colours. In addition, TAGWERC's interior designers will be pleased to advise you about other Cloverleaf Outdoor Sofa configurations tailored to your needs.

Author: Bianca KILLMANN


Producer Verpan |  Cloverleaf<xsmall style='font-weight: 300;'> Sofa</xsmall> | Sofa | Article No. clover-one |  Verner Panton

100% PE| UV-resistant surface

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Outdoor furniture by Verpan.
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