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VerPan Panto Pop yellow Lounge Chair - Verner Panton

In 1969, the same year half a million people celebrated the Woodstock Music Fair, Verner Panton created the BALL. Once made in blue and red tones, different balls formed many-faceted luminous sculptures. Because of the warm uterus colours the model in red-orange is perfect for nurseries. It calms down babies and small children before they sleep. 

The Panto Pop lounge chair by Verner Panton based on the original from 1969 is produced by VerPan in yellow. Molded from weather-resistant ASA plastic Panto Pop is suitable for both: indoor and outdoor use. UV stabilizers prevent fading. Through a 1 cm hole in the middle of the chair rainwater can drain away. VerPan Panto Pop stackable armchair can be arranged as solitaire or living room suite. Suitable for garden, lobby and waiting area, as well.  Panto Pop by VerPan in Verner Panton archives.

VerPan | panto pop | Article No. 91060023 | Verner Panton
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