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Flowerpot VP1 pendant lamp by &tradititon, design 1968 by Verner Panton, was designed in the happy and carefree era of the Flower Power movement. Verner Panton liked to arrange this pendant light in groups of 10 or more lamps. But even just one Flowerpot VP1, with a diameter of 23 cm, looks like a small light object.

The body of the pendant lamp Flowerpot VP1 is composed of two aluminum hemispheres. The upper, larger hemisphere is containing the light source, while the lower, about half as large hemisphere is facing the top and held in position by an externally invisible metal frame. The small hemisphere hides the bulb and makes for a pleasant indirect light. The inner surfaces of the hemispheres are coated white and have the function of a light reflector. The thoughtful design of the Flowerpot VP1 brought designer Verner Panton the design award Gute Form of the Federal Republic of Germany.

With 11 available colours the Flowerpot VP1 suspension lamp provides a variety of variations. The Flowerpot VP1 pendant lamp can be matched to the colour of the environment. Studied design accents can be created if the tone of the Flowerpot VP1 lampshade picks up the colour of an object in space, such as a painting, carpet, tile, etc. Nearly half a century after the first draft the Flowerpot VP1 pendant lamp is popular today as ever before and undoubtedly a classic of design history.  Flowerpot VP2 by Andtradition in Verner Panton archives.

Author: Bianca KILLMANN

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Flowerpot VP1 - Colorful

Until June 2016, the Flowerpot VP1 in colorful was produced by the Danish lighting manufacturer &tradition. Please leave your contact information if you want to be informed about a new edition of the Flowerpot VP1 in colorful.

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Flowerpot VP1 Pendant light lamp Andtradition - Verner Panton
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